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Why you making me feel like this? All lovey dovey and stuff? Nonetheless, I still love you very much @dannykasim hehe πŸ’žπŸ™ˆ

Loving how I can style with Abang Designer’s sweater #ootd

Who dat who dat? That do dat do dat? #ABANGDESIGNER

Finally crossed off Vegan Burg on our food list! One of the best burgers we’ve ever had πŸ˜™ (at Vegan Burg @ Jalan Eunos)

First day of Syawal on Monday. #syawal #hariraya #eid


our bodies buried close together.

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Words I’ve heard so many times before but those words don’t mean a thing (never meant a thing before you)

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Road to the forest by Anton Novoselov 
Ben Franklin Bridge XII by Owen Luther Ringling Bridge in Fog by josesuro Bixby by n_ea_l Suspension Bridge by osh rees Untitled by nuzz

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